COVID-19 - Members' Update

Dear all

Please find below Covid-19 Members’ Update, within which you will find a message from National Chair John Apter.  We are also signposting to where officers can seek wellbeing advice, support and updates on the current crisis.

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RAC Motor Breakdown - Covid 19 Update

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RAC Coronavirus: Corporate Partner Update

Staffordshire Police Federation: Coronavirus crisis is a challenge – but we will rise to the challenge

Chairman Phil Jones gives his views on the policing response to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

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Corona Virus/Travel Insurance (PAI)

If your holiday is cancelled due to the Corona Virus, your first port of call for a refund on any monies paid out is your travel company/air line as they should offer you a refund if they have cancelled your holiday/flight.  If you have paid by credit card you should also contact them to try and get your money back.

Once you have exhausted the above options then you can try and make a claim through our travel insurance as long as you are a paid up member.  Please note the travel insurance does not cover loss of theme park tickets, shows etc.

If you decide not to travel but your holiday destination is still open you will not be able to claim under the insurance as you have cancelled by personal choice.

Taser update from Staffordshire Police Federation: Officers deserve the best equipment to protect themselves and the public

Any police officer who wishes to be trained, have access and deploy with a Taser, should have the opportunity, the Chairman of Staffordshire Police Federation has said.

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