The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) is funded in part by police officers who pay subscriptions from their wages. It is not a public body and not funded by the public and is the only staff association to be subject to Freedom of Information (FoI), which came into effect for the PFEW in April 2017. Much of the information you may ask for may already be on this website, so please take the time to search for what you need first.

How to ask for information

There are several laws which allow you to ask us for information. Simply contact us giving us:

    • a clear description of what information you are looking for
    • a contact name
    • and an address for correspondence (which can be an email address).

We will have a better chance of finding the information you want if you include as much detail as possible and be specific.

Email us at or write to us at:

Federation House
Highbury Drive
KT22 7UY

The law

What information you are looking for will determine which law we use to process your request.

      • Freedom of Information Act (2005)
        This law primarily covers all information which is not personal or environmental in nature. Information refused under the Freedom of Information Act must specify the specific legal reason for withholding the information (for example if it's personal information, or if it's commercially sensitive, or if it's environmental in nature and being dealt with under the Environmental Information Regulations).
      • Data Protection Act (1998)
        This law covers information about you (otherwise known as personal information). You have a right of access to all information held by us about you (unless one or more specific exceptions applies).
      • Environmental Information Regulations
        This law covers information which is environmental in nature, such as waste services, flora and fauna, and food hygiene. You also have a number of specific rights regarding the way we process information about you and how we look after it. More details about how we look after your personal information and your rights under the act can be found in our Information governance policy and our Data protection policy.

How long will it take to receive the information I want?

This will depend upon nature of the information you have asked for. If you have requested personal information about yourself then we should respond to your request within 40 calendar days from the point at which your request and identity has been verified.

For other requests you have a right to receive the information, or receive a valid refusal, within 20 working days, unless we need clarification. For some complex environmental requests it may take up to 40 working days.

Will I be charged for the information?

There are guidelines within the FoI Act around charging. Generally if an enquiry will take up to 18 hours at £25 an hour (total value £450) then it will be responded to. If it is estimated it will take longer than that then you will be advised. We are entitled to make a £10 fee for processing requests for personal information under the Data Protection Act or if you are requesting information in a specific format. We will tell you in advance if a fee applies.

Our publication scheme

We routinely publish a lot of information, as listed in our Publication scheme. This is a list of classes, groups, or types of information, within which information is available.

How do I complain if I am not happy with your response?

In the first instance you should write to us to explain why you are not happy and we will try to resolve the issue with you. If after this you are still not satisfied with the response, then you can contact theInformation Commissioner's Office (ICO).

The ICO is the body responsible for enforcing the access to information laws.

Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Telephone: 0303 123 1113 or 01625 545745 if you would prefer not to call an '03' number