Dear colleague,

You will have received the full FAQ document concerning the new CARE pension scheme and the advice we have had concerning legal challenge. Yesterday an amended version was published so that any member wishing to know more detail about the legal advice we have obtained can have access to a clearly understandable document. I would ask that you publicise this document from the ebulletin on your local websites, facebook pages and all social media. Many thanks for your efforts thus far.

It was always the intention to circulate this level of detail but a number of factors have delayed this, not least we were trying to coordinate with other parts of our organisation so that a single message could be sent.

Events have to a degree over taken us and we are now working on further avenues and tactics to get the message and the facts concerning the changes to the pensions schemes and the legal positon to a wide an audience as possible.

There is some social media activity surrounding the Pension Challenge group. A number of INB members have met with officers from this group and we will continue to engage with them to a degree, but not via social media. We will keep this under review, in particular regarding the advice and opinion they are giving to members and its validity. We are not in the business of stifling debate but now need to ensure that the significant work we have undertaken over the past 3 years to get the very best for our members gets heard.

Our response will have to remain flexible and we will of course be discussing this at the council meeting in September but a concerted effort over what remains of the summer to get information to our members would clearly be beneficial. I will be exploring innovative ways we can do this from Leatherhead including the use of social media, video and other channels. If you have any ideas and suggestion please feed them in.

Kind regards,


Stephen White FCMI
Chairman, Police Federation of England and Wales