Informal resolution is intended to provide a flexible and simple procedure for dealing with complaints of a minor nature which would otherwise attract the full length and formality of the investigation process.  The procedure is appropriate where it is clear from the outset that any alleged criminal behaviour or breach of the discipline code is one which, if proved to have occurred, would probably be dealt with not by criminal or formal discipline charges but by an informal warning or words of advice.

Examples of complaints of criminal behaviour for which the informal resolution procedures might be considered appropriate are those alleging trivial offences involving the use of motor vehicles and trivial non-traffic offences, such as the use of obscene language or the disciplinary offence of incivility or an assault in the nature of a mere push without aggravating features such as an endeavour to obtain an admission.  In such cases, if a civilian employee in similar circumstances would not have been proceeded against or the appropriate action would be words of advice administered at the time, then informal resolution will generally be acceptable.

No entry relating to the attempted or successful informal resolution of a complaint should be made in the personnel record of the member concerned or be referred to in future misconduct proceedings.