Where a member is the subject of a criminal investigation (i.e. where an allegation of criminal misconduct has been made against him) no request to provide a duty statement should be made, or if such a request is made this may be refused.

Where an allegation of the commission of a discipline offence has been made, then, whether or not a Regulation 9 Notice has been served, a duty statement may be properly refused, it being a statement “concerning the matter”.

An express assurance that a duty statement will not be used in any subsequent criminal or discipline proceedings arguably provides the member with the necessary protection to enable a statement to be made.  The circumstances in which this may arise are where a civil action has been commenced against the Chief Officer and a statement is necessary to help the Chief Officer oppose or defend the action.  In these circumstances preface the duty statement with:

“I have been informed that I am not the subject of a criminal or discipline allegation.  I make this statement solely for the purposes of defending the civil action.  I do not consent to it being used for any other purpose.”