Maternity leave can be taken by all police women for the whole or any part or parts of the period:

commencing six months before the expected date of childbirth and twelve months after the week the baby is due.  Leave can be started anytime after the thirteenth week of pregnancy.

The scheme allows police women to choose for themselves when they will commence any period of maternity leave provided that a period of maternity commences no later than the expected date of childbirth.

All police women have the right to take time off during working hours for ante-natal care, if such examinations have reasonably to take place during working hours.

Paid maternity leave is available to all police women who:

Have 63 weeks’ continuous service as a member before their expected week of childbirth; and

Remain pregnant or have given birth 15 weeks before the expected week of childbirth.

Those entitled to paid maternity leave will be paid maternity leave for the first three months of their leave.

For further details as to the maternity scheme, please contact your JBB office.