Where members are required to do duty on a rostered rest day they are entitled to:

  • Where less than 15 days ntocie is received – time and one half;
  • In any other case – another rest day which should be notified to the member within 4 days of notification of the requirement to work.

If the period of duty carried out on the rest day is less than 4 hours, the appropriate allowance will be paid for a minimum of 4 hours.

Subject to any reasonable limit imposed by the Chief Officer, travelling time to and from duty on a rest day may also count as duty. This should be disregarded if, together with the member’s period of duty, it exceeds 6 hours.

Where the member is retained on duty from a rostered duty into a rest day, and the period worked on the rest day is not more than 1 hour of duty, the minimum 4 hour payment does not apply and the rest day time to be reimbursed counts as the number of 15 minute periods actually completed (no discount for casual overtime).

A rerostered rest day is subject to rest day compensation in the same way as a normal rest day if there is a requirement to work on that day.

When calculating the number of days’ notice given, disregard both the day on which the requirement was notified and the day on which the member is required to do duty.