Advancing The Start Of Duty From The Rostered Time

When the time at which you are required to begin a rostered tour of duty is brought forward without due notice, the time for which you are on duty before the rostered commencement time:

  • shall be reckonable as overtime, and
  • shall be taken into account as part of that tour of duty.

You should be given as much notice of the change of duty as possible; and every effort should be made to ensure that notice is given before the end of the tour prior to the one that is to be altered.

For Example:

The Force day commences at 0700hrs.  If the rostered tour of duty was 0700hrs – 1500hrs and you are told without due notice that your tour of duty will commence at 0500hrs, then between 0500hrs and 0700hrs you attract payment of overtime at the rate of time and a third. At 0700hrs (your original rostered start time) you revert to normal pay. Upon completion of your nine hour tour of duty, which will now be at 1400hrs, any duty performed after this time is payable at the overtime rate of time and a third.