Staffordshire Police Federation has congratulated Elizabeth Medal campaigner Bryn Hughes after his work was recognised with an MBE in the New Year Honours.

Bryn, whose daughter PC Nicola Hughes was murdered in 2012 alongside fellow Greater Manchester Police PC Fiona Bone in a gun and grenade ambush, is the driving force behind the campaign for a posthumous award for officers killed on duty.

The former prison officer said Nicola would be proud of his MBE which was awarded for his work supporting young people who have lost family members through violent crime.

Staffordshire Police Federation chair Lee Robinson said: “We are pleased to see Bryn and his work through the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund recognised in the New Year Honours.

“In addition to his work with the charity, we have always backed this important campaign for the creation of the Elizabeth Medal 100 per cent.

“His quiet courage and dignity have helped highlight what a formal honour for fallen officers would mean to those they leave behind and he and his work are fully supported by everyone in policing. 

“We congratulate him on his MBE and will continue to help his fight to see the creation of a new medal in any way we can.”

Bryn said the MBE came as a poignant way to mark the 10th anniversary of his daughter’s murder.

He said: “I suppose it’s tinged with that bit of sadness as well because the only reason I’ve been nominated and been given the award was because of what happened to Nicola and the work I’ve done since then.

“It marks the 10-year anniversary so it’s quite a poignant way to mark it to be honest.”

Asked what Nicola would think of his award, Bryn said: “I think she would be proud. She would be very proud.”

Supporters of the Elizabeth Medal campaign believe emergency services workers deserve the same recognition as military personnel who are posthumously honoured with the Elizabeth Cross which is presented to relatives of those killed in action.

The Police Federation is calling for top level talks with ministers in a bid to secure approval for the new medal.