Members can now download a free guide that has been created to help them focus on their mental and physical health.

Created by Police Mutual, the guide is full of tips and techniques on how officers can improve their wellbeing.

It coincides with World Health Day, an annual awareness raising event which falls on 7 April, and this year’s theme is ‘to build a fairer, healthier world’.

Staffordshire Police Federation chair Phil Jones said: “I think it’s really important that all members read this guide. After such a challenging year, it’s vital for officers to be taking time to look after their physical and mental health.”

Covering nutrition, finances and sleep, the guide highlights ways that members can take better care of themselves.

Plus, with World Health Day also falling in Stress Awareness Month, the guide looks at how stress can impact wellbeing. 

“World Health Day shines the light on just how important it is for everyone to not only look after themselves but reach out to colleagues, family and friends too,” added Phil.

“Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or under pressure is nothing to be ashamed of and I want all members to know that the Federation is here if they ever need support.”

Police Mutual, which created the guide, offers financial and wellbeing support to serving and retired officers, as well as their families. 

Read the free guide.