The arrival of the Coronavirus in this country has created significant challenges for everyone, but particularly for our police officers of all ranks. As we face this second period of national lockdown, I want to congratulate and thank you and your members for their sterling work so far.

The introduction of social distancing regulations presents a unique situation for UK policing, and while the courage and commitment of officers is all too often tested, their ability to adapt to the new role of maintaining compliance has been remarkable.

Their professionalism, good sense, and often humour, means that the precious tradition of policing by consent has been maintained.

The resilience of forces across the country has also been reassuring, with absence rates falling as officers return to duty from isolation in numbers. Their commitment is appreciated, as is the eagerness with which many are now focusing on those high harm individuals and groups who are increasingly in plain sight.

We are committed to giving your members all the support and resources they need to keep us all safe, while protecting the NHS and its mission to save lives.

So thank you to you and all officers for their work so far. We salute their dedication and sacrifice, and that of their families.

As our national battle to defeat Coronavirus continues, it is a source of enormous pride and comfort to see that, as so often in past crises, it is police officers who step forward without hesitation into the front line.

Kit Malthouse MP

Minister of State for Crime and Policing