My Staffordshire Police colleagues are working exceptionally hard in challenging circumstances to keep the public safe. The vast majority of the public are adhering to the restrictions, however, we are seeing an increase in the minority who wish to breach.

Police officers are human, they are not immune and put themselves in harm’s ways to keep the public safe.

Our colleagues have sufficient levels of PPE to perform their role and the force are working tirelessly to maintain stock. What we are seeing locally and nationally is individuals using/threatening Covid-19 towards officers, whether this is to prevent, resist or to assault the officers... this is unacceptable.

We are in unprecedented times and this calls for policing to be united along with all the other emergency services to keep the public safe. I am so proud of my colleagues in Staffordshire, there is a real sense of togetherness to get the job done and tremendous team work.

We are seeing the introduction of testing for the police service, this is a welcome measure and we will keep members informed on this.

Staffordshire Police Federation is working tirelessly to represent our members, ensure their voice is heard and that they have the best provisions available.

Finally I would like to thank my colleagues for the tremendous work they are doing and to seek support of the public in keeping people safe. The restrictions are tough, however, they are there to saves lives and we all have a part to play.