Staffordshire Police Federation has launched a new Welfare Van for the use of our members.

The vehicle has been converted to offer Staffordshire Police officers somewhere to sit, get warm and have a hot drink whilst working on jobs/scenes. The vehicle also has microwave provisions, fast charge ports for phones, TV facilities plus much more.

The vehicle will be available 24hrs a day through the on call Staffordshire Police Federation Reps.

Phil Jones, Chairman of Staffordshire Police Federation, said: “The welfare vehicle is a brand new concept for us and I am immensely proud to get this project finished and on the road.

“This is an exciting project that fits perfectly with our Wellbeing strategy. The vehicle will support members whether this is at football matches, scenes, complex incidents or charity events.

“The vehicle also offers the opportunity to get out to stations, improve visibility and take a one stop approach to the services we offer to members.”