Staffordshire Chairman Phil Jones

I am delighted and honoured to become the new Chairman of Staffordshire Police Federation.

I joined the police back in 1998 to help people and I think being the Chair of the Federation means I can continue to do just that whether that’s by helping you with you questions and issues, helping in misconduct cases or just being there for officers who have nobody to turn to.

I must pay tribute to my predecessor Keith Jervis. What an exceptional Chairman he was, and he leaves behind a legacy of stability, credibility and incredibly strong foundations to build on.

During my career, I’ve worked on Response, Neighbourhood and as an Authorised Firearms Officer on an ARV for several years.

I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2008 and have worked as part of a Response Team within North Staffordshire until my appointment as Chair. I have performed duties as a Custody Sergeant and have carried out several secondments within custody and performed backfill duties as and when needed.

I am a CBRN Tac Advisor and Hostage and Crisis Negotiator and perform this function on an on-call basis, something I have done for the last ten years.

I have been a Fed Rep since 2011 and I am trained in Misconduct, Advanced Misconduct and PIP.

So, that’s my history. Looking forward, I want my term as Chair (however long that will be) to be focussed on officer wellbeing.

I have already commissioned a well-being vehicle which is in the process of being converted, commissioned an interactive app to promote Staffs Police, improve our ability to communicate and promote wellbeing to members among other ideas and projects.

The police service is transforming at a phenomenal rate in terms of recruitment, culture, leadership and service to the public.

But we cannot forget that officers are at the very heart of the service and it’s my role to ensure your voice is heard and that I represent you to the best of my ability.