Yet again, proper funding for policing has been overlooked in the budget – Keith Jervis, Staffordshire Police Federation Chairman says crime figures will continue to rise as a result.

“Once again, the Government seems to have no concept of the dire position policing finds itself in after year upon year of financial cuts.

“We struggle to cope with general policing demand let alone do any proactive work. Chief Officers and Police and Crime Commissioners will have to make serious decisions about what cutbacks they can make next, and I fear those in mental health crisis, what might be called low-level crime (if there is such a thing) and all non-emergency matters will suffer.

“We already see genuine victims of domestic abuse and burglary waiting days for a response.

“The overall rise in crime will certainly continue if we do not have enough officers and resources to police effectively, the blame lies fair and square with this Government and underfunding.

“We should make that clear to every victim of crime when we cannot or do not attend, and to everyone who has to wait days to see an officer.”