Keith Jervis, Staffordshire Police Federation Chairman, along with Secretary Glyn Pattison yesterday (17th May) welcomed a meeting with the new Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, after he requested the visit to Staffordshire Police HQ.

Keith said he took the opportunity to emphasise to the Home Secretary that Policing as we know it is in crisis and that Staffordshire Police are struggling to cope with demand given the number of Officers they currently have. 

Keith said: “It was obvious that Mr Javid, due to his family connections (his brother is an officer in West Midlands Police), was in touch with Policing, showing a definite connection. 

“Mr Javid agreed that things need to change, and it was welcome to hear that he agreed that demand was far outstripping the resources that we have. 

“He also asked, aside from resourcing, what else would have a positive impact on Police Officers. What else would have an effect on what they do.” 

Keith said that Sajid Javid was quite open to the fact that the higher you get in your role, the less close to the reality of Policing you become. 

Keith continued: “For the Home Secretary to arrange the meeting with us shows he is interested in the Federation’s views, and this can only be seen as a positive as we speak for the rank and file officers. 

“The Home Secretary was interested in what front line Officers had to say, and while in Staffordshire took his time to speak to Officers face to face asking for openness and honesty. 

“And that is what he got. 

“I can only hope that everyone will leave the Police Federation of England and Wales Conference with the same positivity that I felt after meeting the Home Secretary. He has a clear connection with Policing and he made it clear he was here to make a difference. 

“It’s going to be difficult for him at this early stage, however he is best positioned in Government to start having an effect. 

“I’m hoping he is the right person for the job. I’d like to see him make a difference, to make a commitment to some changes.”