“What you get for less is less”

Those are the words of Staffordshire Police Federation Chairman, Keith Jervis, following the recent results of the HMIC’s ‘PEEL’ report where the headline read that Police forces were begin to show strain.

The report, which is released annually, draws evidence to asses force’s individually on effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy, giving them a rating of outstanding, good, requiring improvement or inadequate.

In Staffordshire, the force was rated ‘good’ in two areas, but ‘requires improvement’ in one, receiving an overall rating of ‘good’. It was among 30 forces to receive this award.

HMIC reported that overall, Police are performing well, however they note that Police are under significant stress and the strain is beginning to show.

Keith said that the overall comments from HMIC come with no surprise. He says: “The opening comments of HMIC speak reality for most Police Officers.

“Time after time we are left with insufficient resource to meet 999 demand. If we fail to meet emergency demand, then the reality is that non-emergency demand will also be left longer.

“The result is vulnerable people and victims of crime are left with a poor service.

“This is absolutely no fault of Officers, we’ve lost around 800 Officers over the past 8 years - we're now at the same levels as the 1970s. Ultimately, what you get for less, is less.

“In Staffordshire, we’re still bound up with administrative red tape. The promise of revolutionary IT systems that would free up Officer time just hasn’t been a success.

“We are reaching a point of no return as demand continues the outstrip the Police resource available. Our demands for change must be listened too.”