“A pay rise of this amount is not unrealistic… it’s entirely proportionate to the needs of officers”

The 2018 pay award request has been submitted by the Police Federation of England and Wales, with them suggesting a 3.4% increase to Officer pay. The PFEW have also recommended the 1% bonus from last year become consolidated and not form part of this year’s settlement.

Staffordshire Police Federation Secretary, Glyn Pattison, believes this request is both reasonable and realistic, as well as being well evidenced.

He said: “A pay rise of this amount is not unrealistic, it’s in line with inflation, and it’s entirely proportionate to the state of both the public economy and the needs of officers who have had significant hits to their pay over recent years.

“Since 2010 we’ve had a pay freeze year and then 1% pay rises so a 3.4% request is both reasonable and very well evidenced in the submission that’s been made by the Federation.

“Aside from the obvious financial benefit, a 3.4% pay rise would give our members, it would be a real boost to morale.

“For the Government to understand how we have suffered in terms of austerity and pay freezes over the last few years, a tiny little bit of recognition of the work we do would go a long way. I think there is enough evidence from the last 12 months of just how challenging it’s been for all of us.”

Since the proposal for a 3.4% pay rise from PFEW was submitted, The National Police Chief’s Council have disregarded this and announced that their suggestion is a 2% pay rise for Police Officers.

Glyn continues: “For the National Police Chief’s Council to suggest a 2% rise felt to me like a stab in the back. There was very little evidence in their submission other than ‘That’s all we can afford to pay’.

“Last year we were promised 2%, when in reality it was actually only 1%, the 2% was to incorporate the non-consolidated 1% that we receive this year, which is a non-pensionable payment.

“So, when they’re again highlighting a pay rise of 2%, is it actually only going to be just 1%?

“For the Home Office to then back this up by trying to suggest that our pay package is linked to the pensions that we get, I think that’s gone down incredibly poorly with officers.

“Our pensions have been altered, amended and changed numerous times over the last few years. We all now pay more into the pensions than we ever have done and get out less.

“For the government to twisting this and say the pay rise shouldn’t be looked at in isolation just seems yet another attack on Officers.

Glyn said because of the ongoing treatment to Officers in regard to pay, he finds it difficult to be optimistic about the outcome of this year’s pay award.

He said: “I don’t think anyone can have any optimism after the way we were treated last year, all the written submissions were put into the Police Remuneration Review Body, they came out with their report and their recommendation, but sadly the government chose last year to ignore them.

“We can but just hope that whatever recommendations come out of the Remuneration Review Body this year the government adhere to. These should be binding.

“It’s an independent body which has been set up to control our pay, but sadly the Home Office and the government can overrule it and basically implement what they choose to.”