We are currently considering the contents of the Written Ministerial Statement and will be publishing more information later today. For the moment, more information can be found on the following section of the Home Office website:


Responding to the Home Secretary’s written ministerial statement on pensions, Paul McKeever, Police Federation of England and Wales says;

"Staff Side, which includes the Police Federation of England and Wales, has engaged in the Home Secretary’s consultation on long-term reform of police officer pensions.

"Despite being disappointed with aspects of this announcement, Staff Side accepts it within the context of the Government’s wider public service pension’s reform agenda. It is clear from our discussions with the Home Office that, compared to the reference scheme offered by the Home Secretary of 27 March, this was the best deal possible to protect the unique position of police officers."


  • The Police Negotiating Board (PNB)is made up of two constituent parts;
    • The Employers including chief officers and the Home Office - called the Official Side, and;
    • The Employees which includes police officers up to and including the rank of Superintendent - known as the Staff Side.
  • More info on the Home Office Reference Scheme: http://www.polfed.org/Letter_HS_to_John_Randall_Pensions_270312.pdf.
  • Uniqueness of policing: police officers are officers of the crown and as such are subject to much constraint. Police officers cannot affiliate with or work too closely with other trade unions, are legally prohibited from going on strike and are available for duty 24/7, on and off duty.
  • The Police Federation of England and Wales is not a trade union and is therefore reliant on negotiation on behalf of its members to reach agreement on pay, pensions, terms and conditions.